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Stunning Vintage and Antique Telephones

At we absolutely love vintage and antique telephones. Gorgeous, timeless pieces that tell a story.

Beautiful designs, lovely materials. Robust or fragile, we just love them! They tell us a story, about how the world has developed. About certain periods of time, about different materials and why they used it. But also about the tremendous technological developments.

In all of our vintage and antique telephones you can see the history and development, gorgeous and as if time stood still.

We have antique telephones made by the famous Scandinavian brands, LM Ericsson, KTAS, Jydsk, Fyns and German brands, Siemens, Tefag, Mix & Genest, Siemens & Halske, Fuld and Belgian brands, ATEA, Bell MFG.

Gorgeous vintage and antique Coffee Grinders

Freshly ground coffee or espresso, at we just love it. When you take a look at our antique coffee grinders, you can almost smell the freshly ground coffee beans.

Just like our antique telephones, our antique coffee grinders tell a story as well. The big robust commercial antique coffee grinders were used in a grocery store, where they ground your coffee beans when you ordered them. We have Enterprise, Landers Frary & Clark, Simplex and others. We sell also the wallmount Dutch coffee grinders with Delfts Blue or Douwe Egberts, German PeDe coffee grinders and French Peugeot Freres Brevetes coffee grinders in various shapes and sizes. The different designs and use of material show huge development, but the base principles, the grinding mechanism, remains unchanged and is something you can still find in todays coffee grinders. 

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