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Antique Telephone German Emile Berliner Telephone Factory wall phone

Berliner Telephone Factory model No. 871

Gorgeous antique telephone, Berliner Telephone Co. wooden wall phone. Model No. 871.

The Berliner Telephone Factory was started by Emile Berliner, who was the man that sorted things out in Bell MFG and made the telephone work. He also invented the Gramophone, worked on early helicopters and acoustics.

This telephone is manufactured early 1900's by Berliner Telephone Company (Telephon-Fabrik Berliner AG), Hannover, Germany. This company was later renamed as TEFAG.  We've found old advertisements, dating this telephone as far back as 1904.

This popular instrument has recently been very much improved and is now fitted with:

  • Step-By-Step Line selector
  • Induction coil
  • Revolvings hunnings transmitter
  • Double pole watch receiver
  • Automatic switch hook
  • Ringing key, bell,...
  • Woodwork-solid polished walnut ....."

Source: advertisement August 1904 in The Electrical Review Supplement an illustrated weekly journal.

This telephone is in good Condition. Just some normal wear due to age and usage. Some superficial wear to the wooden parts and some normal wear to the receiver and the original fabric cord.

Function: Untested.


  • 14.1" (35.7 cm) High
  • 7.1" (18.0 cm) Wide
  • 5.9" (15.0 cm) Deep
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