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American WW2 105mm Artillery Shell Brass Trench Art Vase

Lovely handcrafted

This artillery shell was fired during WWII by an American 105mm Howitzer.

The 105 mm M2A1 (M101A1) howitzer was the standard light field howitzer for the United States in World War II, seeing action in both the European and Pacific theaters. Entering production in 1941, it quikly entered the war against the Imperial Japanese Army in the Pacific, where it gained a reputation for its accuracy and powerful punch. The M101A1 fired 105mm high explosive (HE) sem-fixed ammunition and had a range of 11,270 meters or 12,325 yards, making it suitable for supporting infantry.

This piece of elegant and masterful artwork is transferred into a beautiful vase. The shell is decorated with an old Dutch Fishing Boat.

The shell is in fairly good condition. A few cracks and some corrosion on the bottom.

The base of the shells are marked:

  • "105MM.M14"  "TYPE I"
  • "E?BC - 282"
  •  "1944"


  • 14.6" ( 37 cm) Tall
  • 4.9"  (12.5 cm)  Wide


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